Dec 19, 2011

Paper craft - Christmas tree from magazine

Handmade Christmas tree- Paper craft
This is a recycle project. Your old magazines can be put to good use this Christmas. I have used my old Readers Digest magazine.

Just tear off the first 30 pages(i.e; 60 page numbers) from the book but make sure the binding is strong enough. Watch below to see my animated image expling the fold...

step 1:Fold the page diagonally from right to left to form a triangle as shown below.

step 2: Then fold again towards the center from right to left as shown

step 3:Then fold upwards the paper portion that is pointing below the page size as shown.

step 4:Then open up and fold inwards the small triangle as shown and do step 2 again

Keep doing this for the first 15 pages. Then make the same folds on the left hand side of the book starting to fold digonally from left to right. Do this on the remaining 15 pages.

Now the tree is ready, paint it with green color and fix a Paper star on top to finish. Place it on top of a paper roll or round box to finish it.

Merry Christmas!!!

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