About Craft LobbyCraft Lobby on the web is created to help craft lovers with new ideas and teach some easy todo crafts.

Craft Works include
- Paper crafts
- Origami
- Paper Filigree / Quilling- Painting- Flower decoration
- Digital Art
- Recycle Project
- Flower making
About the Creator of Craft Lobby:

My name is Lavanya. I am a homemaker and a mom of 2 kids - 6 yr old daughter and 1.5 yr old son from Chennai, India. I love making handmade stuff mostly papercraft, painting, digital designing, cooking, photography though I didn't have any formal education in any of these. And almost everyday I spend hours on craft websites which gives me new ideas and improves my creativity.

Why Craft Lobby?
I felt that I needed a craft blog of my very own to display my creations and share tips to other readers like me. So I started one.

My Dream
 I have always dreamt of starting a small business of my own and being “free” to craft whenever, whatever. Lets see when my dream comes true(fingers crossed :-))

Thanks for stopping by! You can always contact me by either leaving a comment here or mailing me at lavanyarl@gmail.com. I would like to do take orders for Custom Origami Boxes (only for Chennai at the moment) and paper bags so contact me for details if you need some boxes.