Jan 18, 2012

Fringed felt flower clips

These flower clips were born as a combination of two different ideas. There is a wonderful tutorial for the felt flowers in Craft Snob's - Pomela. and the hair clip idea is from Purl Bee's - valentine heart barettes. Don't forget to have a look at the original versions. I thought of combining these two into my version :). So here it goes

You will need :
Felt cloth, hair clip, needle, thread and scissor.

Video Tutorial:

First draw 2 circles of the same size and slightly bigger than your hair clip.

Cut a long rectange piece of cloth that is 15inch by 1.5 inches. Fold into half lengthwise and stitch the loose ends.

Cut slits halfway on the folded ends. Place this piece on top of one round cloth with the stiched side facing inside and attach it to the edges of the round felt cloth.

After completing one circle slightly overlap inwards and stich another round. Keep doing this till you reach the center.

Attach beads or button in the center and finish it off.

In the second round felt cloth, just poke a hole slightly away from the center. Open a snap clip and insert the pointed end in to this hole. Now attach this cloth to the flower you have already made.

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  1. looks great! i like that you created your own version.