Jul 30, 2014

Diy flower rosette Numbers for birthdays

As my daughter is turning 5 , I am fully in the decoration mood.... I want to make a huge 5 symbol to match the yellow theme we are following. The yellow crepe paper I had was too light.Plain yellow would look normal so I used yellow and red rosettes made from crepe paper to make it look more rich.

I just love the way it has turned out. Here is how I did it

Step 1 : I cut a huge 5 in a thermacol/ styrofoam sheet that's 10 mm thick.

Step 2 : since the edges were rough I covered them by sticking with crepe paper ribbons on all the sides.

Step 3 : I then made the crepe rosettes. It is very simple. Take a crepe ribbon about 15 cm in length. 

Start crumpling from one side to look like fan folds

Now stick the edges with glue.

Now you have a loop. Just flatten it by bringing one edge to the center.

Pinch a little in the center and pick the rosette. Apply glue on the back side and stick it to the the number 5 we did earlier.

Now u leave it like this or you can secure with a push pin as I did for more dimension.

Start filling the flowers alternately red and yellow.
And stick on the wall or hang it on the door.


  1. nice! very attractive and looks easy to make :) keep going!

  2. Very nice. Will try this for Shrika's 5th bday..