Nov 4, 2011

Flamingo wall hanging - Tutorial

A quick and very easy way to do a wall hanging which is cheap and easy to do with leftover pieces at home.

You will need:
Last page of an old greeting card (I chose a red card)
A design to outline, like a flamingo
Some leftover white lace (white looks good on red )
Fabric glue
3D Outliner pearl color ( if don't find one use glue to outline design and stick around with a white wool)

Select a design like flamingo and draw it on a paper or just print it out from the Internet and cut out the image. I have used 2 different size flamingoes facing each other.

Keep the cut out on top of the red card and trace the design. With the 3G Outliner draw over the traced design. If you don't have a 3G Outliner try draw the design with white glue and stick white wool on them.they should give you the same effect.

To finish the borders, I have just used the old white lace that was sleeping in my draws. Apply fabric glue to fix them on the borders .Using ribbon is also a good idea.

After they dry out turn it over and fix a ribbon loop with a sticky tape to hang it immediately. If you have more time you can get it framed for an expensive look.

Your wall hanging is ready in no time and you have made it free of cost with items in your supplies.

Short Video Tutorial

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