Jul 21, 2014

Magic wand tutorial

I made this magic wand for my daughter's 5 th birthday.  She always wanted to be a magical fairy princess.I made them in yellow color to match her yellow princess dress. 
It is very easy to make. I made them so quickly.

You will need:
Yellow chart paper, glitter foam sheet, strong glue, quilling paper strips / ribbon, sticky tape

Step 1: For the stick I rolled the chart paper like a straw and secured them with stick tape.
Step 2: Cut 2 star shapes of same size from gold color foam sheet.
Step 3 : with a strong glue attach the quilling strips/ ribbon to the backside of each star. I have used mettallic paper quilling strips.
Step 4 : now apply more glue to one end of the wand and stick the stars on both sides at the same level. Once the star gets fixed, stick the ponited ends of both stars. 

Voila your cheap and handmade royal magic wand is ready. Now your little one can throw her wish and enjoy !!!

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