Jul 22, 2014

Rapunzel princess hair braid - DIY

Rapunzel princess has become a favourite character for my daughter from the moment she saw Disney Tangled movie. She always wanted to have long hair and would pretend so by holding my dupatta/ stole on her head. So I decided to make her one. After browsing the web, I finally landed up with this one. I used 2 small bundles of cream yarn and few ribbons that I already had at home.
The braid would me much more pretty if I had used 4 bundles but would also be heavy on my 5 yr old daughters head and it can slip off her head

Here is how I did it :

Step 1 : I kept two chair wide apart and started rolling the yarn bundle from one chair handle to the other. (1/3rd of your initial length gets reduced after plating the yarn, so decide the length you want depending on that)

Step 2 : I snipped off one end and attached 3 ribbons as long as the yarn hair and tied tightly the ends with a small piece of yarn. I used one purple ribbon in the center and two pink ribbons for the sides.

Step 3: I the cut the other end and hang it on a high hook on the wall. Be careful not to tangle the yarn.

Step 4: slowly make 3 equal sections of yarn with one ribbon on each section and start to braid the hair as usual. Stop when you have about 4 inches down and tie a knot with ribbon or yarn.you can attaché flowers in-between the braids if you wish.

Step 5:  then I rolled the top end of the braid around my daughters head and hid top end under the longer end and secured in place with clip. I didn't  glue it so that it can be used on anyone's head. She can try on her friends hair too and play.

My daughter just loved her new Rapunzel hair and couldn't stop playing with it.

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